One library reopens, but another closes

(The following was also posted as a comment on the Mirror website.)

It’s great that the Federal Way Regional Library will reopen soon. My hope is that libraries are still relevant enough that the expansion will be worthwhile.

The real sad downside of the reopening of the regional library, in my opinion, is that at the end of this month we will lose the temporary location at the Commons. I don’t know why the KCLS feels the Commons is only good for a temporary location while Bellevue Crossings is good enough for a permanent “Library Connection” location. Federal Way has a real shortage of downtown services, and a library location at the mall was a welcome break from that trend. I am very curious what the activity was like at the temporary location, considering the mall is still by far the city’s top attraction for youth. With the return of the Regional Library, no matter how improved, visits to the library — like City Hall and too many other local services — will once again require a tedious car trip through Federal Way’s slow arterials to a semi-hidden wooded grove. What will it take for us to ever see a multi-use, service-rich, unsprawled downtown in Federal Way?

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  1. Federal Way Graffiti Says:

    Great point. Tukwilla also has a great big library in its mall.

    I’d like to hear the library speak to this. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that these other malls are offering the space at a huge discount or free as a community resource. The Federal Way Commons is so poorly managed that they probably are charging full price for the space. And a crummy space it is.

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